Client Testimonials

“I know I have a story to tell. And I believe I have a story that can help other people. I just don’t know how to tell it. I have worked with Carrie on a few writing courses. She has greatly helped me find my story, my voice, and overcome the obstacles in my way. I’m working on developing my written word and the Soul Speech Camp workshop will propel me to the next level of getting on stage. Carrie is approachable, empathetic and compassionate. She’s a great coach for anyone who is intimated about public speaking.”


“Carrie’s coaching and guidance helped me to take my personal story and experience and put it into a personal essay format. She helped me find an outlet to pitch, write my submission letter, and get my personal essay published on a Women’s Empowerment site. Having my story written in a organized way has helped in crafting it to specific audiences as well. The one story has many different audiences. With her help, I learned how to tell it to all of them.”


“Working through Storytelling Your Way to Success program gave me not only the steps I needed to get published but it gave me confidence and inspiration. When I found Carrie’s program it felt like such a leap to call myself a writer but I knew that sharing my story was what I needed to go to the next level. Carrie took the mystery out of the process and I was able to put the steps into action and create a piece to be published. I now know how much my story can create powerful momentum in connecting me to potential clients and opportunities. I am grateful for the way the program walked me through the process.”


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