A story checklist

Posted by: Client Account on Thursday, February 15th, 2018

How Do I Know It’s a Story?

Good question! I have a checklist I go through before I start to write. This is what I use with my story clients too. If writing books or essays is on your to-do list for 2018, here’s a quick checklist to go through.
If you answer YES to ALL of them…what you’re sitting on is a story!

1. Will your audience learn something from what you’re about to share?
2. Did you experience an AHA moment yourself during this particular experience?
3. Can you express your AHA moment in a clear way?
4. Are you willing to share your AHA moment?
5. Do you feel really ready to share this experience with the masses?

How did you do? Did you get a YES for all of them? If you did, tell me what you’re doing about it this year. What are your action steps to move your story out into the world?
I’m a Spiritual and Soul Story Mentor for women. My clients uncover soul stories in our work together. They learn how to move through writer’s block and the fear of having their stories seen and heard. My job is to polish their work and help them feel confident and comfortable sharing personal essays, getting up on stage and even writing books!
I look forward to hearing about your stories!
Carrie Severson