A Vision of Mine Helped This Client Get Published on a Major Outlet.

Posted by: Client Account on Monday, April 17th, 2017

I love weeks like my last one! I enjoyed time in the mountains of Utah last week. Hiking is a great way for me to connect and tune in. While I was out enjoying the snowy mountains, I did story energy readings in my Facebook Group for people! Check out the posts in the group to get a sense of what comes up in these readings!

Here’s a quick story to help you understand how I use intuition in my storytelling sessions.

My client, Holly, and I were scheduled for her second writing session with me. Before our call, I meditated and asked for guidance on what story of hers we should craft.

I got an image of her hiding in a dark room behind a stack of boxes.

Sometimes the images I get are metaphors but this time I felt strongly that the image I received was a piece of her past. So on the call, I told her what I got and asked her to tell me about it.

Turns out, she would hide from her ex in her closet. He never caught on. And when she left him, she bought a house with a walk-in closet so she could have a safe space to cry, scream or pray.

She never thought her connection to a closet was a story but I got a strong nudge from the Big U that is totally was and so we crafted this beautiful essay as a result. It was published last week on Better After 50.

The editor LOVED this story so much that Holly is now talking to them about speaking at an upcoming event.

This outlet is read by more than 3 million women a year and it’s a great way for Holly to increase her visibility.

I love incorporating my energy readings into my storytelling sessions.

Last week I started offering story energy readings as a stand alone service. It’s 30-minutes of pure energy readings! The sessions are super powerful and provide such great answers to my clients. They’re walking away with direction & a deeper understanding for how to share a story and how to get comfortable sharing it!

If you want a story energy reading or are looking for help getting a story published this month, hit reply and let’s set up a time to talk!

Sending you great energy for a beautiful week!