I’m a writer, who happens to be an empath.

I’ve always been connected to words. I’ve been a published writer for nearly 20 years. I’ve written about celebrities, politics, pet therapy, health care, beautiful souls, and everything in between.

Today, I write for big media outlets like Redbook, MindBodyGreen and SheKnows.

I didn’t realize I was an empath until my late 20s. I spent several years following these intuitive “taps” I would get to do something BIGGER with my life. Do MORE. Be MORE.

When I learned how to tap into spirit, I realized I wasn’t living my truth. One day, I sat down and asked the Universe how to lead an authentic life. I was ready and willing to follow the answer.

Story is important to me. I’ve always believed in story. It’s a healing tool we all have and it’s up to us to do great deeds with our tool.

A story from my past was that I was bullied badly. And I knew that I could help girls growing up today be better to one another if only they knew HOW to support each other’s stories.

I took a leap of faith in my early 30s and launched Severson Sisters, an empowerment organization for young girls.

We created a series of workbooks called the Super Girl Guide. These workbooks are sold nationally through a publisher called Morgan James. The books give girls tools to learn how to love themselves deeper and be better to one another.

The organization caught on fire. We expanded so fast, so quickly. I used my knowledge of how to share story to build a strong brand. Unfortunately, I experienced burnout just three years into the journey.

When I shared my personal story of burnout and entrepreneurship on The Huffington Post, my WHOLE LIFE CHANGED.

I was invited to speak in front of hundreds of people on stages around the country. I met new friends, gained a speaking agent and was asked by entrepreneurs to help them get published with personal stories.

That is how I ended up where I am now. I told MY AUTHENTIC STORY.

Now, I use my intuitive gifts and writing/editing ability to help inspired leaders around the wold share their authentic stories!

When working with a client I tune into spirit to make sure you are sharing the right story with the right audience. I edit your work to improve the power of your content.

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