Ditch the Writer’s Doubt

Ditch the Writer’s Doubt

Ditch the Writer’s Doubt is a 4-week mindset & writing e-course for leaders in the world who are:

  • Afraid to write, speak or share their personal stories. AND still, they KNOW they have a gift for it or have a calling for it!
  • Have a burning desire to share their personal stories and scared to makethe leap.
  • Doubt their stories are powerful or worth of sharing.


In this e-course you will receive curriculum to help you address your fear of sharing, worry of being visible, vulnerable or judged for sharing. You’ll learn how to find, see & believe just how powerful your own stories really are.

I’ve been in the publishing business for 20 years and will teach you how I broke through the fear of writing about my fertility, depression or love life.

Ditch the Writer’s Doubt is $247 and can be bought at https://ditch-the-writer-s-doubt-e-course.teachery.co/ditch-the-writer-s-doubt-e-course.

Grab this rich, resources and rejuventating curriculum and come back to it time after time!