From Head to Heart Clear the Fog of Your Resistance

We want to write books for so many reasons.

We feel the Universe telling us it’s time to share our light and lessons. We want to bring more attention to our experiences and help our soul audiences. We can hear and feel that it’s time but still we don’t move forward.

There’s fog. 
There’s fear.
And there’s resistance.

Can you relate to that?

Maybe you’re worried about the amount of time it’ll take to write your book. Or perhaps you are worried about what it’ll bring up within you to face and heal?

I understand all of that. So does my partner, Kim O’Hara. We’ve been in the writing industy for 20 years and work with women all over the world to face the fear of being visible and vocal with their stories.

While our Zone of Genius within the storytelling arena is different, our deep love for stories and understanding of their importance is the same.

We want to help you move through the resistance you’re feeling right now.
We want to help you enhance your writing voice and start to grow your audience and platform.
We want to see your book out in the world.

You will receive that support and more in our six-week program – From Head to Heart: Clear the Fog of Your Resistance. 

In our six-week program, you will be supported with weekly exercises, calls and templates to help you uncover the root of your writing resistance.

The exercises you’ll receive in the six weeks together will open up all your senses so you move past any fog and uncertainity that this is the TIME for you to write this book.

Since writing can be an isolating experience you will be supported in a private Facebook group to create strong sisterhoods with women who are going through the same process.

By the end of the six weeks, you will:

  • Know confidently that it’s your turn and your time to write the book of your dreams.
  • Have additional tools to realize your goal, and a new sense of clarity and direction.
  • Understand how to grow your audience and platform to manifest ongoing opportunities to share your stories.

From Head to Heart: Clear the Fog of Your Resistance is $997.

We begin April 17th. Your first session is April 17 from 10 am – Noon PST. We will meet every Tuesday for two hours for six weeks.

You can enroll here today or by sending an email to me at to book a 20-minute Connection Call to discuss this in more detail.

*** Watch a recent webinar lead by Carrie and Kim called So You Want to Write a Book People Read, to learn more about our Zone of Genius. NOTE: The Early Bird Bonus for From Head to Heart discussed about in this webinar is now closed. ***