How to Use Your Soul Story in Business

Posted by: Client Account on Monday, June 19th, 2017

After I launched my storytelli­ng business, I realized I needed to take it online. Even though I had experience running a business, I had NO CLUE how to create online courses or really take my visibility internationally.

So, I invested in a coach. Her name is Kerry Sheppard. I learned SO much about online business in a few months!

She helped me create and hold my first challenge in The Soulful Storytelle­r!
She taught me how to use webinars as a funnel to my business.
I learned how to create online courses thanks to her!

My ZOG is storytelling. And when I learned how to create a webinar as a way to teach people lessons what I knew about storytelling, my business grew. It was automated. I started a list. I started getting clients. And I even started to see passive income come in.

It was an incredible experience­!

So when Kerry asked to team up to help online coaches learn how to use webinars as a way to share their soul message, I said YES!

We created a webinar to teach you how to use webinars!!!

Join us this Wednesday for How to Grow Your Business And Share Your Message With Webinars!

Kerry is FULL of really amazing informatio­n! You’ll want to get in on this free training!

We look forward to seeing you then!

Happy Storytelling!