Journal to Happy

Welcome to Journal to Happy

Breaking free from the pain of stressful, emotional, even embarrassing old stories doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars.

What pattern in your life still causes you bearable stress and anxiety? Do you understand why it’s there? Are you willing to look at it objectively and address it?

Proclaim the next six weeks as your time to embrace those old stories you’re harboring and heal them. When you heal the stories your soul is carrying, you will feel lighter, more energetic and healthier.

It’s time to nourish yourself. It’s time to transform yourself. It’s time to rewrite your story.

Journal to Happy is a 52-prompt online journaling program designed to help you reframe and heal the energy of the stories that hold you back, block your energy, and clutter your mind.


  • As you log into a secured member site every day for six weeks, a new lesson will be revealed to you.
  • You receive a new daily journaling prompt within each new lesson to help you heal, release and change your old patterns.
  • You receive videos within your lessons of how I broke through my pattern of being a workaholic, healed heartbreak and loss through journaling.
  • You will be guided by a master storyteller and soul story healer so use this time to write new soul stories for yourself.
  • Members are invited to ongoing monthly zoom calls on the first of the month. You can submit questions about Journal to Happy ahead of time and receive recordings of the call in case you are unable to make the call live.
  • You get the opportunity to sit in the privacy of your own home and work on patterns that cause you pain, frustration and block you from really living a fuller life.

And the best part about it is, Journal to Happy is $247! Go to to start.