Posted by: Client Account on Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Using our Unapologetic Voice will kickstart something new. It’s the Law of Attraction.

Put yours in motion next week by pitching magazines with me! I’ll hold you accountable for pitching within two days!

I’ve been in the publishing business for 20 years and have been a freelance writer for big women’s media outlets for most of that time. I’ve had bylines in magazines like Redbook, Sheknows and many more over the years.

Today, I help women express their stories. And it all starts with a pitch!

Let’s get together for a PITCH FEST next Wednesday and Thursday and take inspired action in our Unapologetic Voice together!

Super easy and great action to take if you are a leader looking for ways to grow your audience this year.

🍀Join me in a webinar next Wednesday at 10 am PST and walk with me as I lead you through brainstorm exercises to find TWO different story ideas you can pitch to both of these magazines (or two magazines of your choice!).

🍀You will receive a worksheet to help craft the best pitches and don’t worry because I will edit your pitches before you hit submit!

🍀I will track down email addresses of editors for you to send your pitches to as well!

It’s $77 US for the webinar, brainstorm exercises, pitch worksheet, pitch edits and contacts!

Enroll below👇

I’ll send you the Zoom link, worksheets and exercises next week!