My Client Sara

Posted by: Client Account on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

My client Sara and I met last year. We’ve worked together on and off since crossing paths and it wasn’t until just this past month when she had a major breakthrough in her story.

I’m a Soul Story Healer & Storytelle­r Trainer. I have combined my unique blend of writing and publishing expertise with my intuitive skills so I can support fe­male entreprene­urs as they share the messages their souls are here to express in a bigger way.

In a recent storytelling workshop I co-hosted with Jessi and Marie, Sara came to see that a painful story of her past was the root of an issue.

We helped Sara craft a beautiful personal essay and set that story out into the world by getting published with an online magazine.

She didn’t want to stop.

She said this:

“I never fully understood how a personal, painful story could actually start the wheels turning for my business, until now. Last night I shared my story with my girlfriends and told them that my story was accepted by an online magazine. In sharing with my friends…just as Carrie keeps telling us…an opportunity opened up. One of my friends told me of a local non-profit organization that has a workshop for anyone that helps others heal from past trauma. She also said they have opportunities to SPEAK there. I have always believed in manifesting and this is fastest it’s ever happened! My next step is Soul Speech Camp with Carrie!”

Are you telling your personal network about the stories you’d like to share?