Not All Stories Are Easy To Tell.

Posted by: Client Account on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Media outlets are looking for personal stories to publish this year. Our tribe, email list and client base expands when we get our stories published.

The stories you’re carrying around with you are valuable. There’s great lessons in what you’ve overcome and learned. Share them! Let the people around you gain from your experience.

A dear friend and client was published yesterday with a story that took her 28 years to tell and I’m just in awe of the love that is coming to her now that her story is out there!

I’m a storyteller trainer with 20 years in the publishing business. My gift is holding space for my clients so they feel safe as they share pieces of their past that have caused them pain.

If you have a hard story to tell, my advice to you is to take baby steps out of the dark. Free-form write about your experience until you’re ready to craft a personal essay and get it published.

2017 is the year of our stories. It’s safe for you to tell them. If you need help telling your stories, reach out and let’s set up a free 30-minute call!

I did a quick video in my Facebook Group this morning with three tips on how and where to start your journey. Watch this and then reach out to me!