Pitching & Publishing

Pitching & Publishing

You’re a soulful storyteller.
You’re comfortable being visible and vulnerable.
You have a brand, platform and followers.
You’re ready to share more with the world.

Now, you’re looking for guidance and direction to have your stories published.

Welcome to the Pitching & Publishing Resource Kit!

Pitching & Publishing is self-paced, to the point and packed with resources to help you know where to pitch, how to form relationships with editors and how to use your published piece to increase your visibility.

Within this Resource Kit you will:

  • Learn how to pitch the media;
  • Receive tips to forming good relationships with editors;
  • Gain information to more than 150 different media outlets with submission guidelines and/or contact information.
  • Learn how to repurpose your work!
  • Be given a marketing checklist to help you gain the most visibility for your published work.

Pitching & Publishing is $247. Go to www.pitchingandpublishing.com to start.