She Gained Two Speaking Gigs in 10 Days!

Posted by: Client Account on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

I have to tell you about Beth! I’m in awe of what she’s done in just two weeks

First a little backstory!

She has a huge, huge, huge heart and just wants to love on everyone! She is a stroke survivor and caregiver. She’s been the patient and the provider. 

When we first started working together, Beth had trouble finding the right words to use to really get her message across. She wanted to showcase just how challenging it was to find her groove after her stroke. It took years. 

Beth did a fabulous job of putting her heart and soul out there and we got her published several months ago. And then we started talking about how her story could transform MORE lives. 

We started talking about e-courses she could create or other new avenues she could explore.

It was during a session on May 17th when Beth really stepped into the power of her story! 

Listen to what happened next…

We turned a story of hers into a 30-minute engaging speech! We created a worksheet that her audience would gain access to during her speech and incorporated mindset practices she used while recovering from her stroke. 

It’s really strong! 

She was so excited and totally freaked out at the thought of standing in front of a live audience to share her experience. But, I gave her some tips and she put herself out there and let her network know she was available to get booked!    

Within a matter of 20 MINUTES she manifested an invite from a Medical Center Director at her local National Alzheimer’s Association. 

She was invited to speak at the center in front of 160 healthcare providers this past weekend! That was her FIRST speaking gig!

What happened next? 

She gained another speaking opportunity! Next she was invited to speak at Memory Keeper Association. There were 60 people in that audience. And she walked away with a new client!! Talk about the Law of Attraction and the POWER of a story!!

In a matter of 10 days she embraced a soul speech of hers, put herself out there in a way she never had before, stood up in front of more people than ever before and DID IT…TWICE!!! 

It all starts with a strong, soulful speech! 

Do you want to learn how to craft a soulful speech?

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Happy Storytelling