So Many New Ways to Share Your Voice This Week

Posted by: Client Account on Monday, June 11th, 2018

We have so many awesome opportunities to share our voices and stories this week!

Start your week off with a BIG YES for yourself! What are you going to do differently this week to use your voice?

My BIG YES to my voice is actually lasting another 37 days! I turn 40 soon and my mom, bless her awesome heart, is helping me move out of my 30’s with ease and float into the next decade with grace!

She surprised me last week with a COUNTDOWN TO 40!

Each day until that big 4-0 happens she’s gifting me with a nice little surprise! I feel so grateful and so blessed by this experience.

To Pay It Forward, I’m sharing a lesson about storytelling I learned within my 30’s each day on my business Facebook Page.

Day 40’s lesson was about the importance of using your voice.

Day 39’s lesson was about the impact your tribe has on your voice.

And yesterday’s lesson was about how to recognize an opportunity when it comes to you!

To check out the videos (they are only about 5 minutes long) go to my Facebook Page at

If a video moves you, please like or share it! The more people we have learning how to use their voice for the greater good, the better off we’ll all be!

I don’t know what today’s video or lesson will be! I’m about to go for a walk and meditate about it!

What lesson have you learned this last year and what would you pass on?

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