So You Want to Write a Book People Read?

Posted by: Client Account on Friday, March 9th, 2018

So You Want to Write a Book People Read? ✏️😍❤️

I teamed up with another powerhouse intuitive writing coach to create a ⭐️ FREE WEBINAR⭐️ to discuss the emotional and business motives behind book writing. 💖📣💖

I have 20 years in the publishing business as a writer and story consultant. Kim has 20 years in the film business as a producer and screenwriter.

And we’re both highly intuitive and bring our gifts forward when working with authors.🌺

There are two hurdles you will face if you want to write a book: writing the book, and marketing YOU and your book.

In 30 minutes, we will deliver walk-away tools to move you into a new mindset as an author, and blow the lid off the concept you have to wait to market yourself until after you write your book.

You will have time to ask us questions after the webinar.

It is free and being held on March 17th at 10 am PST.

If you are interested in joining this FREE webinar, please email me at so I can send you the Zoom link personally.