Storytelling is a Team Sport!

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Posted by: Client Account on Friday, February 24th, 2017

Happy Monday

I’m sending a little love note out to you from Dallas this morning! I’m having so much fun here. Yesterday I spent the day with a friend of mine. We spent the afternoon and evening talking about writing, publishing, scripts and creating new partnerships! 

I love talking about stories and the way a story could be told and delievered to the world. 

Essays // Novels // Short Stories // Poems // Stages // Videos // TV // Film. 

Any way we look at it, storytelling is a team sport. It doesn’t always seem that way though because as writer’s we tend to need a lot of alone time to actually do the written work. We need editors, publishers, coaches, producers, public relations experts and an audience for every story we share. 

What story do you most feel like sharing right now? And do you welcome a little help to clear away any doubts you have about sharing it? 

Here’s a little video and workbook that Diane Pauley and I put together to help you address the fear of sharing stories. We have a 90-Day Mastermind starting in March called Discover Your Story. We’re helping a handful of women embrace stories, face stories and share them with the world. 

If you like this video, consider booking a Discovery Call with Diane and I to talk about Discover Your Story. 

Happy Storytelling!