Super Girl Guide Series

Super Girl Guide Series

In 2011, I created and launched a nonprofit for girls called Severson Sisters. We were an empowerment organization for girls with a mission to inspire girls to live their lives as their awesome, authentic, super self.

I gathered up a team of advisors and together we wrote a series of workbooks called the Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide series.

These workbooks were taught in schools around the country. Our workbooks appeared in afterschool programs, community centers and community organizations. Thousands of girls learned the importance of healthy communication as a fundamental tool that will help develop, enhance and deepen their relationships with other females.

We have three workbooks in the Severson Sisters Super Girl Guide series. Each workbook is 108 pages and contains creative activities, thought-provoking questions and a journal. These workbooks were written to an 8th-grade reading level and are best given to girls ages 10 – 14.

In the Super Girl Guide to Respect

  • Jump start their confidence;
  • Learn how to respect themselves and others;
  • Create and express herself as a Super Girl
  • Journal feelings and thoughts about herself and her surroundings;
  • Receive positive affirmations she can recite daily; and
  • Identify with concrete action plans to know how to handle various bullying scenarios.
Guide to Relationships


In the Super Girl Guide to Relationships

  • Learn how to create more awesome, authentic friendships in life and what to do about the negative relationships in life;
  • Gain tools to understand the difference between healthy relationships and toxic ones;
  • They’ll learn how to navigate gossip and how to stop it;
  • Be given opportunities to create skits to learn how to positively talk to friends.
  • Plus, they’ll learn how to handle things like ‘mean looks’ and cyber bullying.
Guide to Relationships


In the Super Girl Guide to Peer Pressure

  • Learn about what it means to pressure someone;
  • Be introduced to a number of ways to cope with being pressured by her peers;
  • Gain tools to learn how to walk away peer pressure or avoid it all together;
  • She’ll be given the opportunity to practice the difference between being assertive and being aggressive;
  • And, she’ll learn how to handle the stress of middle school life and identify outlets to reduce stress.
Guide to Relationships

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