What Goes Into a Book Outline?

Posted by: Client Account on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

The answer is the KITCHEN SINK!

Before we know what parts of your story is REALLY important to share, we have to look at every major lesson and turning point that COULD be a part of your story.

Your book outline is a map. Before you go anywhere you look at how far it’ll take you to get there and maybe what places you’d want to stop at along the way right? That’s what the book outline is for. It is just a guide for us to use as we create.

The outline is not your final product. It’s not even that set in stone. And this is where I see a lot of women getting stuck.

We think that if we put it down on paper, it’s our finalized plan and itinerary. We MUST follow it.

Not true.

Your book has an energy all it’s own. You are a vessle of it’s message. We could write your outline and detail out what lessons you want to express in each chapter.

We could start writing each chapter according to the outline and get through the first several chapters and realize the outline has to change in order for the book to fully grow and express itself fully.

The outline is just a map. And once we get on the road, we realize we can go wherever the hell we want to.

The book will guide us.

As a spiritual mentor and storyteller consultant, I’m gifted at being able to help my clients see the truth to their writing fears AND pull stories out of my clients to bring them in to the light and structure them in the best way possible.

If you know it’s time to write your book AND looking for a partner in this process, let’s book a call to talk about your book.

Perhaps you are a good fit for a book-writing mastermind that starts in June.

We will spend five months together as you are guided along the journey of creating your book.

You will be supported in a variety of ways during our time together.

• Weekly calls to keep you in the book writing process and moving forward. We’ll address fear, blocks, rabbit holes and motivation.
• We will outline your book to structure your content.
• We will discuss each chapter outline on our calls with hot seat coaching.
• You will write your book with my support at your own pace.
• You will have a private Facebook Group with your storytelling sisters and I will be popping in live to encourage and love you.
• The goal is to have a finished and polished draft of a book at the end of the five months together.

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