Let’s Write Your Book in 4 Months!

What are we going to do? We’re going to talk. A lot. Like REALLY talk. We’re going to talk about your stories, experiences, energy, mindfulness, your goals, clients, dreams, cycles, patterns and ceilings. We’re going to talk about fears, blocks, strategy, and your big book!

We’re going to edit. A LOT. HOLY COW, so much editing. We’re going to stretch, grow, change, wake up and remember those bits and pieces that we left and forgot about along the way. We’re going to give them a voice so that YOU can step into yours and get it into the hands of your clients.

What I do for clients is so simple it feels complex at first. I lead you through energy shifts, meditations and teach you how to clue into your own intuitive hits as we WRITE YOUR BOOK!!! I edit your work and polish your creation!

I direct soul clients through the journey of waking up and listening, uncovering, learning and taking action on their soul stories. I hold my soul clients accountable to their own power. I help you bridge who and where you are now to who and where you want to become. I share stories I see within your soul. I guide you every step of the way. I assign you journaling prompts.

I’ll send you articles and books to read. And I hold up a mirror so you can see yourself through a different lens. Together, we uncover the meaning of the big story you want to tell.

How can YOU transform the lives of those you serve through the meaning of your stories?

During my 4-month book package, my clients receive:

Weekly calls to keep the book moving forward. We’ll address fear, blocks, rabbit holes and motivation.

Unlimited editing of your work.

Unlimited Voxer access.

Journaling assignments to help us uncover your blind spots and those darker spots you haven’t looked at in a long time.

Assignments to help you move through the fear of sharing your story or claiming the power of your own journey.

I’ll be sending you journaling prompts, affirmation and mirror work assignments to help with your mindset.

The investment for this package is $3500. You are welcome to pay that upfront or in 4 payments of $999.

If you’d like to work on your book together, please email me at to discuss your project.